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A Cannabis Concierge can Help You:

Create a Personalized Treatment Plan based on your goals

Get a medical marijuana card or register with the state

Understand the products available and how to use them

Interpret the science behind medical marijuana benefits

They’ll even meet you at the dispensary and show you around

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All our consultations are private and none of your information will ever be shared. We understand the trust patients place with us and take serious precautions to never violate that trust.

Why Schedule A Marijuana Consultation

Find out if you qualify for medical marijuana treatment

Understand the qualifying conditions in order to get access to medical marijuana treatment in Maryland. And see if you meet the State criteria to be able to move along with the application process. Upon seeing that you do qualify then we would help you gather the documents you will need to provide the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission to register for medical cannabis treatment.

Get help with the MMCC registration process

The MMCC registration process can be confusing for some patients. We will help you understand the registration process and the current wait times. We will also help you find a local MMCC registered doctor that can recommend a medical cannabis treatment plan for you.

Understand which products will work best for you

There are a lot of different medical marijuana products available to patients. This can be a little intimidating for new patients that do not know enough currently about the different ways these products can provide relief. Patients can choose to use flower, concentrates, oils, topicals, transdermals, tinctures, and sublinguals. Our experts will help you understand how each one differs and are best used for. Thereby making sure you get the most effective treatment plan. You can always see our menu for more information and pictures on our marijuana products.