MD How Cannabis Can Treat Seizures

Medical marijuana has been seen to be able to treat seizures, including those characteristics of epilepsy. There are two main components in marijuana, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).What makes CBD special is that it can go further than just attaching itself to your pain receptors it can also work on other signaling systems within the brain and carry with it anti-inflammatory and protective properties.This gives something like CBD oil, which is easily administered, the ability to help facilitate the electrical activity of the brain, causing fewer seizures to occur. Another benefit to CBD is that it does not cause the “high” feeling that THC does.There have been many studies that have shown a significant decrease in seizures when patients were treated with CBD.

About Seizures

There are many causes of seizures from medications, infections, mass lesions or metabolic disorders such as dehydration or low blood sugar. Usually, the electrical activity within the brain is sporadic but in epileptic seizures, a group of neurons fires off in a synchronized and excessive way. There are usually 2 types of categories that seizures can be classified as either focal or generalized. Seizures are placed into either category depending on the signs and symptoms they display. Focal seizures tend to begin with a strange light or smell from the past, that causes the person to appear confused and not able to respond to questions. Generalized seizures are split into 6 subcategories each with a unique symptom but all will happen without notice and will result in a loss of consciousness. Seizures tend to last anywhere from a few seconds to 5 minutes. Since all seizures are unique, treatment also has to be unique and some take a combination of medications. Traditional medication seems to have an effect on only about 80% of people struggling with seizures while the rest continue to seek other forms of treatment. Another problem is that a lot of the medication available also comes with side effects such as dizziness, memory problems, weight gain and changes in mood.

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