MD How Cannabis Can Treat PTSD

Medical marijuana has shown great promise in treating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), because of its ability to lower anxiety, treat sleeping disorders and fight depression. The two properties in marijuana know as THC and CBD have the ability to alter a person’s physical and mental state. A recent finding showed a possible link between people who suffer from PTSD and a deficient level of anandamide, also known as the human version of THC. Research has found that THC can trigger the same receptors as the body’s endocannabinoids system which is responsible for a vast amount of cognitive and physiological states such as appetite, mood, and memory.

A double-blind study found that men who took CBD experienced a significant drop in anxiety, they even took a brain scan to verify that their brain experienced anti-anxiety effects. In another study patients with difficulty in public speaking found that their anxiety was reduced thanks to CBD. Cannabis also lowers REM sleep which is the dream stage in one’s sleeping cycle, which should lower nightmares in people with PTSD. Since less time is attributed to REM sleep it is thought that the patient would then experience the deep sleep state more, which is the most restful sleep. Medical Cannabis also acts as a stress reducer, a study found that low THC products can increase serotonin, which impacts your emotions and motor skills and is recognized as a mood stabilizer.

About PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a psychiatric disorder that a person develops when they experience a life-threatening situation, such as car accidents, natural disaster, sexual assault or combat in war. Patients with PTSD tend to avoid situations that might remind them of the event, experience trouble sleeping, flashbacks and an increased flight-or-flight reaction. People diagnosed with PTSD are more likely to inflict self-harm and/or commit suicide which is why early therapy treatment is important. Not all people will develop PTSD but those who experience child abuse or rape are more likely to develop it than people involved in accidents or natural disasters. People with PTSD also seem to develop a feeling of hopelessness, anxiety, chronic pain, employment problems and could develop drug or drinking problems.

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