MD How Cannabis Treats Severe Nausea

Nausea has been treated with medical marijuana for years because of its effectiveness and ability to be inhaled. Patients with severe nausea have a hard time being able to swallow pills and holding them down, which makes treating nausea with standard medication complicated. Medical marijuana comes in many different forms and therefore can be administered to patients in whatever way is most effective. For nausea, inhaling medical marijuana has allowed patients to be able to treat their symptoms not only more successively than prescription medications but also more quickly. Inhaling medical cannabis can take a minute to reach the brain, unlike prescription medication that has to reach the stomach and then be processed by the body. This is because the cannabinoids from cannabis are happily accepted by the CB1 receptors thanks to the THC molecule. This is why medical marijuana is one of the most effective and safe ways to treat nausea.


About Severe Nausea

Nausea can start as either a psychological or physical symptom, it is characterized as a forced urge to vomit due to an uneasy feeling in the upper stomach. The urge to vomit places a lot of strain on the body as it relaxes the muscular ring between the esophagus and stomach, forces the abdominal muscles and diaphragm contract, the windpipe closes and the lower portion of the stomach contracts. This is why people with severe nausea tend to report an uneasy feeling in the back of their throat, chest, and abdomen. It is usually associated with illnesses such as stomach flu, motion sickness, and food poising, but can also be linked with much bigger problems. Conditions such as cancer, hepatitis, heart attack and liver failure are heavily associated with nausea but also certain medications and chemotherapy have shown to play a role in developing severe nausea. People with nausea have a hard time swallowing and holding down their medication, making for regular treatment difficult to administer.

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