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Treat yourself to this customized Bloom Medicinals stash jar. It features a silicon sleeve to help prevent it from breaking during minor drops and can hold up to 4oz of dry flower. A metal cap conviently screws on and off.

New patients receive a free Bloom Stash jar during your first purchase.

Current patients receive a free Bloom Stash jar with any purchase of $175 or more!


These Dab Dishes were carefully constructed out of high-quality glass offering durability. The dish was designed to make any dabbing experience complete by adding storage between sessions. Pairs perfectly with a dab straw or nectar collector.


The 420 Science Wax Wallet is a small hinged clamshell container with a silicone liner. Featuring a super low profile, this container is easy to slide in and out of your pocket. You can fit about a gram of extracts in the wallet. It works really well with shatter and amber quality dabs but the high-quality silicon will keep any concentrates safe. Great for keeping samples of your favorite flavors.

  • Specifications: 
  • Hinged Clamshell Design
  • FDA-approved, Food Grade Silicone
  • Holds approximately 1 gram
  • 1.75 in W x .5 in H