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Maryland Medical Marijuana FAQs


The medical marijuana treatment program in Maryland allows patients who meet the qualifying conditions to gain access to medical cannabis products. Patients must register with the MMCC to get approved for a medical marijuana card. Learn how to register and get your medical marijuana card. If you need more information, see our frequently asked questions regarding product, patient, dispensary, caregiver, veteran, and general information. If you have any further questions please send it to us at [email protected]

Yes, a patient is only allowed to purchase up to 120 grams of marijuana in a 30-day period.
Yes, we stock a large selection of marijuana products, including flower, oils, topicals, vape pens, tinctures, pre-rolls, and much more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you understand all the different products we offer and help you choose the best strain and product depending on your specific conditions and needs.
Yes, we stock papers, pipes, water pipes (bongs), vaporizers, grinders, storage devices and much more.
The proper dosage depends on the needs of each patient and often varies. Our staff at Bloom Medicinals can help guide you, so that you may achieve your desired effect.
Our medical marijuana is produced in licensed cultivation centers in Maryland. These facilities are carefully regulated by the state of Maryland and follow very strict guidelines to ensure that each product is safe for consumption. All products sold at Bloom have undergone lab testing to ensure quality, screening for microbiological or pesticide-related contaminants, accuracy in cannabinoid labeling, and non-presence of residual solvents.
See our step by step instruction on how to get your medical marijuana card here. Fill the form at the top of the page and we’ll help you through the entire process.
There is no fee to register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commision. Only patients who wish to purchase the optional patient ID card will have to pay a fee of $50.
Only patients or caregivers with a valid state-issued medical marijuana registration card may enter the dispensary.
No, only Maryland residents who have registered and been approved by the MMCC can purchase medical cannabis from our dispensary.
Eligible patients must be diagnosed with one of the state approved conditions to be able to receive medical marijuana treatment in Maryland. See all the currently approved qualifying conditions here.
Patients may not be arrested, prosecuted, or face any criminal or other penalties for engaging in medical marijuana use compliant under Maryland Medical Marijuana Laws. As a legal patient, you do not have to disclose that you possess medical marijuana or consent to a search.
No, you must still register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission with the required forms to be a registered patient.
Only doctors and other medical providers registered with the MMCC can recommend or issue written certifications for medical marijuana.
No, you do not need to purchase a physical medical cannabis card, all you need is your patient ID number and a state issued ID. If you want to purchase a card it is available through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commision for a fee of $50.
Yes. Minor patients under the age of 18 can register with the MMCC to be able to receive treatment through any of the opened Maryland-licensed dispensaries. Before a minor can complete the MMCC application they must first make sure they have their parents or legal guardians of age 21 or older complete the MMCC caregiver registration application. See our MMCC Caregiver Registration Guide.
No, as of December 14, 2017, the MMCC has issued an administrative hold on out-of-town patient applicants until further notice.
No, by state law patients are not allowed to consume marijuana on our premises
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At this time Bloom does not deliver, we are working to be able to introduce delivery to our patients and will announce once we are able to roll-out our delivery service.
Yes, all pick-up orders can be placed via our website through our Online Ordering Page.
No, Bloom does not ship products
Compassionate and knowledgeable staff: Our patient care specialists are on site full-time to offer you the most relevant product information in a safe and comforting environment. Personalized treatment plan: At no charge, we will develop and maintain a personalized treatment plan that keeps track of your medication and results. Daily product specials: Be sure to check out our daily specials for the latest deals on product sales. High-quality cannabis products: We have personal relationships with each of our growers and an in-depth understanding of their cultivation methods. Each product we carry has been hand-selected for its quality and effectiveness.
A person who is at least 21 years of age, registered with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC), contains a valid MMCC caregiver ID card and able to buy and transport medical cannabis from a licensed Maryland dispensaries on behalf of his/her designated patient.
Each patient is allowed to designate up to two people as caregivers.
Currently, due to federal law Maryland patients cannot legally purchase or possess firearms after registering as a medical marijuana patient.
No you will not. In May 2015, the US Senate voted to end the VA ban on medical marijuana.
No, the VA is a federal agency. Marijuana is still illegal at a federal level so physicians associated with the VA cannot certify patients at this time.
A qualifying patient who is also a veteran and receives medical care and treatment at a VA hospital must be a Maryland resident, have a qualifying debilitating medical condition, provide a copy of official hospital medical records, provide a copy of his/her DD214 or equivalent certified document, and register with the MMCC.
No, a patient may only use medical marijuana in a private residence but may travel to any location in the state of Maryland other than federal government property.
No, the state of Maryland laws cannot authorize a medical marijuana patient to travel to other states, jurisdictions or countries with this medicine in your possession.
More medical conditions can be approved by the state of Maryland but at this time there is no plan to add additional qualifying conditions.
Currently, the wait for registration approval is 2-4 weeks.

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