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Maryland Medical Marijuana Card & MMCC Registration Guide

The first step to getting your Maryland medical marijuana card is to complete the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) registration process. But before you visit the MMCC registry website there are a couple of things to know, documents to gather and initial steps to take.

How do you qualify for a Maryland medical marijuana card?

All Maryland residents who have been diagnosed – or provides supporting documentation – of an approved qualifying condition can complete the MMCC application. Registering with the MMCC is required to obtain a medical marijuana card.

Non-Maryland residents who are currently seeking medical treatment at a Maryland medical facility can complete the MMCC registration to gain access to medical marijuana treatment.

Here we will cover how you can get your MMCC ID card by just follow these 4 easy steps.

Your Medical Marijuana Card in 4 Simple Steps
Step 1 – Documents & Information

You need an electronic copy of all of the following documents:

  • A government issued Photo ID such as your driver’s license, military ID or passport
  • Proof of Maryland address such as utility bill, bank statement, federal or state document
  • A recent headshot using the same style as your driver’s license or passport, example here.
  • Last four digits of your social security number
Step 2 – MMCC Registration

Go to the MMCC registry website, click on create an account under patients and complete the MMCC application. Make sure you submit the electronic copies from step one along with it.

  • Tip – Make sure you verify your email address upon completing your MMCC application or it will not be reviewed.
  • Getting approved for your Maryland medical marijuana card usually takes 2-4 weeks.
  • Upon approval, you will need a doctor to recommend medical marijuana as a treatment plan for you.
Step 3 – Finding a Doctor

Find an MMCC registered physician to recommend medical cannabis as a treatment plan for you.

  • All patients must receive a written certification from a registered physician before they can buy from a medical marijuana dispensary
  • Finding a medical cannabis physician near you can be tough, we make it easier by proving you a list of Maryland-licensed MMCC registered physicians.
Step 4 – Getting Your Card

You can then purchase your MMCC ID card for a fee of $50 from your MMCC patient account. Purchasing your medical cannabis patient ID card is optional and you do not need one to be able to purchase from a Maryland-licensed dispensary.

And that’s it! Just that simple. Once you’ve completed these 4 simple steps you are ready to visit any of the Maryland-licensed dispensaries near you! Make sure you have a government photo ID and print out your MMCC patient ID number.

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