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Benefits of Consuming Raw Cannabis

Posted: April 6, 2018 in Raw Cannabis, THCa

Raw cannabis can provide the greatest number of benefits without the psychotropic effects. The reason for this is the cannabinoid THCa. Simply put, when you apply heat to THCa, you get THC. THCa is one of the most prolific cannabinoid acids in the cannabis plants and it delivers many health benefits. You can eat it raw, juice it, or mix it with other ingredients for a delicious smoothie.


One of the most significant benefits of THCa is that it acts to produce necrosis in plants cells. In other words, it causes cancer cells to commit suicide. The human immune system has what is known as “programmed cell death.” When the system is working as it should, cells become damaged, aged or diseased and die off. With cancer, the programmed cell death malfunctions. Instead of dying off, they proliferate, generating even more cancer cells. THCa acts as an anti-proliferative; it stops the cells from continuing to grow and divide into tumors. It also acts as an anti-metastatic; it stops tumors from breaking off and spreading to other parts of the body. THCa is an anti-inflammatory which keeps the body in the state of homeostasis; where the body system is well balanced and free of disease.


THCa acts a natural barrier to the body and repels unwanted insect predators by providing an added defense to your immune system. Add some raw cannabis oil to your skin cream to use as a natural insect repellent.


More and more research is linking prolonged inflammation to the high incidence of cancers in Americans. Inflammation can damage your body’s healthy cells and tissue, and weaken your immune system. Excessive stress in our busy lives, causing systemic inflammation, contributes to everything from mental health problems to autoimmune disease. This is why cannabis relieves the symptoms of so many different disorders; it reduces the inflammation.

Neuroprotective Antioxidant

Many of you will be familiar with the terms antioxidants and free radicals. These are terms which describe harmful compounds such as pollutants and toxins to which we are exposed in our daily, frenzied modern lives. It is known that free radicals contribute greatly to the aging process as well as to other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s Disease and MS. THCa has been shown to neutralize the effects of oxidative stress.


Cannabis has been proven to calm nausea, reduce gastric problems and prevent vomiting. It also helps increase appetite in those with Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome, as well as for those receiving chemotherapy treatments. Research now points to THCa as effective in relieving gastric distress of all sorts.

Pain Killer

Most of us already know that cannabis is one of the safest analgesics. Research now shows how THCa provides pain relief by acting on the TRPA1 receptor. TRPA1 is a pore-forming membrane protein located on the plasma membrane of many human and animal cells. It is best known as a sensor for environmental irritants giving rise to pain, temperature, and itching. This suggests that painful muscle cramping, muscle spasms, and tension conditions would be alleviated by ingesting THCa

How Should I Ingest THCa?

  • Juicing raw leaves and bud
  • Blend raw leaves and bud in a blender or food processor
  • Steep in warm water for tea
  • Incorporate into salads
  • Use unwanted fan leaves as a garnish

Most importantly, since THCa is not psychotropic, users can ingest huge quantities of THCa; over 1,000 times more cannabinoid acids than they can when consuming THC. It is thought to be more bioavailable (usable) for the body than THC.

Leave me a comment if you are inspired to try raw cannabis and let me know your experience, good or bad!

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