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Being a Successful Budtender

Posted: September 20, 2017

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, those applying for a career in budtending is becoming increasingly competitive. Each dispensary has a budtender with the primary responsibility to guide the patients through the process of understanding and purchasing the appropriate cannabis products. Strong customer service skills, strong knowledge in the field, and understanding and complying with legal system as it pertains to medical cannabis are the three most important ingredients in being a premium budtender.

A budtender acts as a liaison between the customer and the medical marijuana. A successful budtender needs to have an outgoing personality and show the ability to connect with the patients. Really understanding them and their condition can help the budtender make the best decision for that patient. Lanir Zeveigenhaft, Lead Budtender for Bloom Medicinals located in Germantown Maryland, said” Its more than just understanding the patient’s conditions and finding the correct marijuana. It is about learning about our patients, at large. It is about connecting with them in a way that a friendship is created. Each patient is part of our family and we want to know everything about them, to make most informed decision.” This mentality is imperative in having a successful dispensary. Patients become family and being able to connect with them outside of their medical needs is what separates a good budtender from the rest.

It is just as important to have high product knowledge. Being educated in medical efficacy, effects/high and in aesthetics is key. Medical efficacy is extremely important to the patients because everyone takes their health seriously. Having knowledge of evidence-based studies allows the patients to feel more confident in their selected treatment options and helps build trust with their budtender. Knowing how the selected treatment option will change your personality is also important. Patients want to know how long the high will last and if it will affect their moods. Having knowledge on this not only builds rapport but strengthens the relationship between the patient and the budtender in the long-run. The aesthetics are another component that patients place a high importance on. Many may have aversions to specific smells or tastes and it is important for the budtender to find the appropriate alternatives.

The last ingredient is perhaps, the most important. Being educated on the legalities of the medical cannabis industry are what separates the long-standing dispensaries for the rest. It is not that some dispensaries are not complying with municipal regulations, but rather they are unaware of these regulations. Before going into operation, it is imperative to understand the complexities of the nature of the business and see how to legally operate.

There is so much that goes into being a budtender. It all starts with your personality and having the drive to be successful and impact lives, replied Zeveigenhaft. The budtender job is one that changes daily and new challenges are always sure to arise. It is how you make these challenges opportunities that can label someone as the “best”.

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