Learn About Marijuana Concentrates
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What Is A Concentrate?

A Marijuana concentrate is just a consistent dose of only the most useful and beneficial part of the cannabis plant. This includes the plant’s cannabinoid profile which contains its thc and cbd compounds and its Terpene profile which is responsible for the aroma and flavor of your strain. Recently terpenes have been found to have additional medical benefits, containing anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and sleep helping properties. The extraction method and final process is what gives the concentrate it’s specific texture and color. The final product is a much purer form of cannabis that’s quick to provide effective relief while still maintaining it’s wonderful aroma and taste. We’ll explain the different types of concentrates available and how they differ in extraction method, texture and color down below.
Cannabis Extracts Misconceptions

The first thing we want to do is dispel the misinformation regarding the different types of concentrates available and their effects on the body. The most common misconceptions are:

Too strong

While concentrates with THC levels of 60% or more may be noticed and seen more often there are also more balanced strains that can vary from moderate to low THC. Concentrate such as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO and CO2 Oil contained in cartridges and pens offer a variety of different THC to CBD ratios. We offer full-spectrum concentrates with CBD to THC ratios beginning from 1:1 to 10:1. This helps patients get quick and effective relief without the high that is attributed to concentrates.


All our concentrates are tested by state approved cannabis testing laboratories. Where they are checked for any residue solvents and their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. All this is done to make sure that our extracts are safe and effective for our patients to use.


Per gram concentrates are more expensive but once you account for the required dose and usage, concentrates can save you money. This is due to concentrates being able to deliver a pure dose of cannabinoids and terpenes, allowing you to need less while never having to risk your level of relief.

Not Practical

Concentrates have become a must-have for medical patients, because of its portability, effectiveness, and ease of use. Patients enjoy using their RSO with their favorite food or drinks. Some choose to cook or bake with it depending on their taste and preference. Others enjoy being able to use their portable vaporizers because it allows them to always have their medicine on them and use it when needed. Simply by clicking their vape pen on, they can quickly medicate and continue with their day.

Marijuana Concentrate Benefits

Now that you know what a concentrate is, we’ll explain the benefits to using them. Everyday more and more patients look to marijuana concentrate products to provide them with quick and effective relief. The benefits that concentrates have is that they provide a:


One of the best things about concentrates is that is is much healthier for your body. By extracting the cannabinoids and terpene profile from flower it eliminates all the extra plant matter. This help avoid lung irritation while still preserving the cannabis flower’s full cannabinoids and terpene profile.

Faster Relief

A second benefit to concentrates is the much faster relief that it provides to patients. Concentrates are much higher in potency than your average cannabis flower, this allows them to act a lot quicker in the body than your flower, edibles and many other cannabis products available.


Being stronger in dose has the added benefit of costing less. Patients do not have to consume as much to achieve their level of relief, in most cases a single dose or two will be all you need. Meaning you will save money while still getting effective medical marijuana treatment.


With numerous forms of cannabis concentrates available, patients have the ability to choose which one fits their needs best. Are budtenders can help.The benefits that marijuana concentrate products have is that they provide:


Another great thing is the terpene profile is also kept safe during the extraction process. Allowing patients to consume the added benefits of the terpenes.

Types of Concentrates

Non-Solvent Extraction

This extraction method involves using water, ice, pressure and or heat to produce marijuana concentrate products. This method will usually result in a much smoother product while maintaining its cannabinoid and terpene profile intact. This process is used to produce:



Is one of the most historical marijuana concentrates. The process involves using filters to extract the trichomes from the cannabis flower to produce a sticky sand type of substance that patients can add to their flower or consume it on it’s own.

Bubble Hash


This product is made using ice, water and bubble bags to get rid of unnecessary plant material. This results in rich trichomes and is considered one of the safest forms of concentrates. Bubble hash comes in many different colors and textures, but you can a high quality product by its tan or golden color.



Uses a heat and pressure form of extraction. Like the other products in this category it also does not use solvents while keeping its cannabinoid and terpene profile intact. It is considered one of the purest forms on concentrates available.

Solvent Extraction

This method of extraction uses chemicals such as butane, CO2, propane and alcohol to remove the cannabis flower’s unnecceasary plant material while keeping its beneficial compounds more specifically its cannabinoid and terpene profiles. It’s important to note that solvent based concentrates have been labeled safe for patient use by a state approved cannabis testing laboratory, so patients receive safe and effective treatment. The solvent based process is used to create:

Wax and Budder


This is one of the best-known marijuana concentrate products around, as well as one of the strongest. The only difference between wax and budder is moisture level which gives the final product it’s texture.



Resembles a more fragile version of marijuana wax. It goes through an extra pressing process that gives it it’s honeycomb and amber color while maintaining a strong taste and aroma, that patients will enjoy.

Crystalline or Sugar


Isolated cannabinoids in their pure crystal structure. It not only keeps it’s cannabinoid structure intact but it is known for providing the full taste and smell of its plant form. It’s moister level determines the final product texture.



A newer form of cannabis concentrate that requires heat and vaporizing equipment to produce. The finished product is a much purer cannabinoid profile, which is then topped with a select terpene profile.



A golden, translucent, and brittle concentrate, it comes in different shades of amber. It is well known for keeping its aroma and flavor very high and it’s texture makes it easy to handle.

CO2 Oil

Commonly found in pre-filled cartridges for a patient to use with their vaporizer. CO2 oil provides a much purer cannabis product and safer substance since CO2 is a natural substance produced by the human body.

Rick Simpson Oil aka RSO

A highly potent cannabis concentrate with a thc level of up to 90%. Micro-dosing makes RSO an effective way to combat many different conditions, no wonder it has become a favorite in the medical community.

How To Use Marijuana Concentrates

Puffco Plus marijuana concentrate vaporizer


They come in many shapes and sizes but the portable vaporizers have become popular with patients for many reasons.
Portability – Easy to carry and discreet allows patients to have their medicine on the ready no matter where they may be.
Variable Heat – Vaporizers allows patients to change the amount and intensity of their concentrate, making getting the proper dosage a simple hit of a button.
Easy to Use – Just pull it out when you need it, turn it on and take a hit. Then click it back of and continue doing what you wish.
Healthier – Vaping is also much safer for your lungs as it reduces any unnecessary compounds in your product while preserving the flavor of your strain.

Marijuana concentrate dab rig

Dab Rig

One of the favorite ways for patients to consume concentrates. It uses a water pipe to filter water and smoke, allowing the user to inhale their marijuana concentrate in vapor form. Patients are free to customize their dab rig to the level that best fits their need. You can build it for maximum taste or smoke and can build their rig to fit their personality. It consists of:
A water pipe
Glass joint
Nail or E-nail
Dab Mat


Bowls, Bongs or Joint

Concentrates such as Kief and Bubble Hash make excellent toppings for your flower whether you use a bowl, bong or rolling a joint. Wax, budder, and shatter can also be mixed in with your flower although to truly get the most out of these concentrates, dabbing is the way to go. Patients can choose from a variety of different custom bowls that will best fit their medical marijuana needs