Cannabis Concentrates
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What Is A Concentrate?

A marijuana concentrate is an extracted material containing only the most beneficial components of the cannabis plant. This includes the plant’s cannabinoid profile, which contains its THC and CBD compounds along with its terpene profiles, which are responsible for the aroma and flavor of the strain. Recently, new medical benefits including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and sleep-aid properties have been identified in terpenes. The methods for extraction and the final process determine the concentrate’s unique color, texture. A marijuana concentrate is a nearly pure form of cannabis that can provide instantaneous relief, while maintaining its expected, intended aroma and taste. We’ll explain the different types of concentrates available and how they differ in extraction method, texture and color down below.
The Misconceptions of Concentrates
There are numerous misconceptions regarding cannabis concentrates; the most commonly misunderstood elements are safety, cost, practicality, and strength.
All our concentrates are tested by state approved cannabis testing laboratories. Where they are checked for any residue solvents and their cannabinoid and terpene profiles. All this is done to make sure that our extracts are safe and effective for our patients to use.
Per gram, concentrates are more expensive but when you account for the required dosage and usage, concentrates can save you money. This is due to concentrates being able to deliver a more effective dose of cannabinoids and terpenes, leading to you needing less.
Not Practical
Concentrates have become a must-have for medical patients, because of its portability, effectiveness, and ease of use. Patients enjoy using their RSO with their favorite food or drinks or being able to quickly use their cartridges or pens to when they feel they need to.
Too strong
Concentrates come in many different forms containing different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. There are many full-spectrum concentrates with CBD to THC ratios beginning from 1:1 to 10:1 with many different administration forms, so you choose when and how to medicate.


Concentrates are becoming more popular due to the many benefits the offer to medical patients. In fact, the marijuana concentrate market is growing very rapidly as patients are looking for products to provide healthy, quick, and cost effective symptom relief while still providing great taste with many varieties to choose from!

Healthier Option

By extracting all of the plant matter, like leaves and stems, from the marijuana flower, patients are left with only the cannabinoids and terpenes which is much healthier for your lungs. Avoiding consumption of the plant matter may reduce lung irritation for patients. When marijuana plants are subjected to a proper extraction process, the flower’s full cannabinoids and terpene profiles are preserved.

Faster Relief

Another benefit to cannabis concentrates is the speed with which the patient feels relief. Concentrates are much higher in potency than your average cannabis flower; therefore, the effects occur much quicker than using flowers. Furthermore, most cannabis concentrates come in prepacked delivery systems which require very little preparation time before the patient as able to feel relief.

Cost Effective

Marijuana concentrates offer much higher amounts of cannabinoids and terpenes in much smaller amounts of material. In most cases, a single dose of a cannabis extract is all that is needed for a patient to find relief. Patients simply do not have to consume as much material to achieve their desired level of relief. When considering strength and dosing amounts, marijuana concentrates may save patients money while still providing effective medical marijuana treatment.


Cannabis concentrates offer a wide variety of delivery methods. Patients have the ability to choose which method best fits their needs. Our product specialist are specially trained to discuss the delivery methods that may work best based on an individual’s needs.


Another great aspect of marijuana concentrates is the preservation of the terpene profiles. The terpenes provide the great flavor associated with medical marijuana along with many other benefits to medical patients.

Types of Concentrates

Non-Solvent Extraction

This extraction method involves using water, ice, pressure, and or heat to produce marijuana concentrate products. This method will usually result in a much smoother product while maintaining its cannabinoid and terpene profile intact. The non-solvent extraction process is used to produce:


cannabis kief concentrate

This product is one of the most historical marijuana concentrates known to still be in use today. The process to develop kief involves using filters to extract the trichomes from the cannabis flower which produces a sticky, grainy type of substance that patients can add to their flower or consume on its own.

Bubble Hash


This product is made using ice, water, and bubble bags to separate unnecessary plant material from the cannabinoid and terpene rich trichomes. This extraction process is one of the safest types of extraction. Bubble hash comes in many different colors and textures, with most high-quality bubble hash featuring a tan or golden color.



This concentrate is produced by using heat and pressure. Like the other products in this category it also does not use solvents during the extraction process. Using only heat and pressure helps to keep the end product’s cannabinoid and terpene profile intact. Rosin is considered one of the purest forms of concentrates available.

Solvent Extraction

This method of extraction uses chemicals such as butane, CO2, propane, and alcohol to remove the cannabis flower’s unnecessary plant material. The process is designed to preserve the plants most beneficial compounds. Patients can be assured that solvent based concentrates have been rigorously tested and determined safe by an independent, state approved cannabis testing laboratory as safe and effective treatment. The solvent based process results in the following:

Wax and Budder


This is one of the most renowned marijuana concentrate products on the market. Wax and budder have a wax or hard butter like consistency with extremely high levels of potency. The only difference between wax and budder is moisture content which determines the final product’s texture.



This product resembles a more fragile version of marijuana wax. Crumble is subjected to an extra pressing step in the extraction process which gives it the unique honeycomb look and amber colors it is known for having. Patients will enjoy a strong taste, aroma, and effect when using this product.

Crystalline or Sugar


This product features isolated cannabinoids in their pure crystal structure. It not only keeps its cannabinoid structure intact, it also provides the full taste and smell of the plant from which it was extracted. Like some of the previous products, moisture content determines the final product’s texture.



The next cannabis concentrate is very new to the medical marijuana market. This product requires heat and specialized vaporizing equipment to produce. The finished product offers a very pure cannabinoid profile, which is then topped with a select terpene profile.



Cannabis Shatter is a translucent, brittle material that comes in different shades of amber and gold. The texture of this product makes it very easy for patients to handle while keeping its great aroma and flavor.

CO2 Oil

Commonly found in pre-filled cartridges for a patient to use with their vaporizer, CO2 oil provides a much easier and cleaner substance than most others on the market. Since CO2 is a natural substance produced by the human body, it is considered a safe and ideal option for cannabis extraction.

Rick Simpson Oil aka RSO

A highly potent cannabis concentrate with THC levels that can reach 90%. Micro-dosing makes RSO an effective way to combat many different conditions which is why it has become a favorite in the medical community.

How To Use

Puffco Plus vaporizer


Portable vaporizers come in many shapes & sizes and have become popular with patients for many reasons.
Portability – Ease of use and discretion allows patients to have their medicine on the ready no matter where they may be located.
Variable Heat – Changing heat settings allows patients to control the intensity of their concentrate which simplifies the dosage process with the push of a button.
Easy of Use – Just pull it out when you need it and put it back when you are done. No preparation or clean-up required.
Healthier – Vaping is also much safer for your lungs as it reduces unnecessary compounds in cannabis while preserving the flavor and effects of your strain.

dab rig

Dab Rig

Using a Dab Rig or Dabbing is certainly a favorite among patients to consume concentrates. A water pipe is used to filter and cool vapor allowing the user to inhale their marijuana concentrate in comfort. Patients have the option to customize their dab rig in order to fit their individual needs. Dab rigs can be built for maximum taste, maximum vapor, or somewhere in-between to fit the patients personality. Dab Stations can include many different components but usually consist of the following:
A water pipe
Glass joint
Nail or E-nail
Dab Mat

cannabis bowl

Bowls, Bongs or Joint

Concentrates such as Kief and Bubble Hash make excellent toppings for your flower whether you use a bowl, bong, or joint paper. Wax, budder, rosin, and shatter can also be mixed in with flower too. Although to truly get the most out of these concentrates, dabbing is the way to go! Do not hesitate to speak with our patient specialist about the wide variety of custom bowls to best fit your medical marijuana needs.